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Weekend Roll-Up
February 19, 2007, 7:39 am
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Friday night: With some fabulous company full of Thai tales, we ate like cochons at Mamma Teresa’s. Chicken parmigiana, antipasto with big blocks of fresh Parmesan cheese, and cheese cake for dessert. It was totally worth the day-long fasting.

Sunday: Stayed in new silky pj’s all day. I caught the last 35 minutes of The Notebook, which I had already seen, and was reduced to sobbing. In response to the scale of sobbing, Husband needed to see what the trigger was. This led to a rewind of the last 15 minutes (goddess bless the PVR) and immediate return to sobbing state. I finally stopped when Husband, clearly afraid, provided me first with an unsolicited oath to one day build me a house, quickly followed by unwrapped chocolate. Aaand… we’re good.

Now Saturday.

If my memory serves me correctly, I’m supposed to write my version of Saturday night events on my blog (warning – don’t be tempted by the allusion to something scandalous. It’s not, sadly.), while some co-bloggers/dragonboaters will be recounting their versions on their blogs (Nella and LoriWho?! Pictures should be available on one or both of their blogs).

Given my time constraints, and like a true bureaucrat, I will provide my summary as recommendations for a good Saturday night in Ottawa:

– Appreciate the Earl of Sussex for what it is in the Winter, i.e. sans gargantuan patio with great view. It’s small and not well-designed to support an otherwise enjoyable cover band. Return only upon their realization that their setting is best suited to a dude with an acoustic guitar and no microphone.

– Upon realizing that you haven’t been able to speak to anyone else at your table in 45 minutes due to aforementioned unnecessarily loud band, exercise quick decision making: get out of dodge, get to the Brig.

– If no table immediately presents itself at the Brig, be patient. If you wait (and glare), people will leave.

– Enjoy the company of a randomly assorted group. Boatylicious  can bring a group of strangers together, but only beer, sweet dance moves, plots to kidnap and save Britney and an enthusiasm for planning Boatylicious paraphernalia will keep a group together. But really, that’s a life lesson more than a Saturday night lesson.

p.s. Am I the only one to believe that Scott Feschuk (also to the left) is the funniest person on the internet?!


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hehe! I forgot about the SaveBritney plot!!!

Comment by Lori

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