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Vendredation Day
February 16, 2007, 7:59 am
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I have a couple of very enthusiastic Thai suggestions today, which is just so original, non?

1. Siam Bistro, Westborough – Indulged a friend’s recommendation a few weeks ago, to the delight of our table of five. Both the restaurant and specific dish recommendations were extremely well received. It was one of those scenes where five formerly respectable looking people upon entry descend into the semblance of month long starvation upon tasting of the food. But alas, we were not starving. The savoury taste combinations were just too much for our otherwise (relative) decency boundaries to control and we ate like cochons. The red curry shrimp and chicken were delicious, as was the ginger chicken and the pad thai (yes, we had to order the pad thai). The table favourite seemed to be, however, the glass noodle dish. To top it off, the ambiance and decor of the place, apparently recently updated, was the perfect scene to end a week for slightly disgruntled public servants.

2. Som Tum, Kent & Nepean, Centretown – This is in the old house that used to be home to Green Papaya (now on Queen where the other Thai place was… ever feel like we’re in on one of those card tricks, but by the Thai restaurant owners?). I’ve been watching the renovations of the house over the summer as it’s on my way to work. I was so excited to see what new place would go in to replace what was formerly a great restaurant with some dear memories. I can’t deny that I was surprised that it was yet another Thai restaurant, but then again, I believe very strongly that we cannot have enough of them.

I went there for lunch last Friday with a lovely new friend who I eventually found on the newly renovated upper level. The fare isn’t original but it’s good, and I for one can appreciate that quality. The red curry chicken (can you see how my addiction has moved from green to red?) was especially pleasant because of how light it was on the coconut milk. The portion size, often an issue, was completely reasonable, leaving one guilt-free to indulge in an afternoon chocolatey snack. And that is very important to this blogger’s happiness.

Finally, I would like to let you all know that if you wake up early on a Saturday morning and are craving a fresh scone, the Scone Witch is evidently open by 8 a.m. (and maybe sooner, but I got there at 8:15). Also, it would seem they opened another location in New Edinburgh. I hope that one is bigger!

Take care everyone and have a fantastic weekend!


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