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Good shot!! It doesn’t matter if it didn’t go in!!
February 15, 2007, 7:45 am
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Despite it being V-Day, all the ladies from the team (and then some!) got together for a delicious pot-luck and fake tattoo antics. Melissa regaled us with her concepts of sewing socks onto skinny jeans to avoid the whole jean being bunched up in the boot and achieving the ultimate in streamlined look. We responded with hypothetical situations wherein a) she meets an uber-attractive man, perhaps invites him over or takes him up on his offer and to avoid looking silly in her pants with socks sewn to them, has to just take off the whole pant-sock combo and is sitting there on his couch in just her tunders; or b) she gets invited backstage at a Bon Jovi concert (or any concert really) and is in a situation where boots get removed and she then ends up having to explain to everyone how brilliant she is in her oversized denim infant pj’s. And I was on her side!

(Photos after the jump…)

Amy’s risky gesture of giving everyone V-Day temporary tattoos was alarmingly welcomed. The wet cloths were out in about 0.2 seconds and everyone just started tattooing their faces, necks and arms hoping that Karen was right in her assertion that they were removable with oil (or, as it would turn out, Husband’s thumb pressing hard).

2 Brooksies

Then, after too much chocolate, including two cupcakes (turns out the 5 second rule is extended to 15 second rule in the snow because “snow is sterile” according to the nurse who a) didn’t take science in high school and b) wants to sew her socks onto her pants), we were “ready” to play.

Fowl Language 2007

(Top (l to r): Ewa, Captain Yvonne (and her blood clot Klaus), Mel, Karen, Lael; Bottom (l to r): Amy, Anna, BBall head formerly known as Elissa, and me, Lori B)

Monsieur Bon Bon (currently tied with Raf as favourites to win our fan of the season award) held the cinnamon hearts to keep our sugar highs going through the game, and assist us in bribing the officials and sweetening up the opposing team.

Fowl Language Fans

Monsieur Bon Bon (aka Claude), (soon-to-be Dr.) Sunita (like from Coronation Street!) all the way from Calgary, and reluctant coach and sorely missed player, Yvonne (and Klaus).

The game was so fun. We lost by a landslide, but sooo fun. One of the opposing team’s players apparently is on the national team of an Eastern European country, and remarkably, she’s absolutely one of the most pleasant people to play against. Lael scored her first basket (yea!), and can brag that she did so against formerly mentioned international (super)star. I apparently scored two baskets, although thought it was only one until the end of the game when I was being congratulated for two (I’m still trying to figure out what other one went in…).

We’re now selling tickets to our next game, because man alive, are we ever fun* to come and watch!

*Please note: “Fun” is in no way synonymous with either “talented” or “skillful”.


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I love everything about cinnamon hearts. The sound of 30 or so swishing around inside my mouth (they clack clack when they touch my teeth), the way they leave my mouth bright red (perfect before giving presentations) and even the way they burn a little (or a lot, which I discovered yesterday with 30 or so swishing around in my mouth). Love them!
Oh, and way to go team!! Loving the tatoos!

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