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Ottawa Survival Tip
February 13, 2007, 7:48 am
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To make a short story long… 

I have small hands. I also have bad circulation. Moreover, I have a penchant for self-punishing to teach myself lessons. Finally, I’m a cheapskate. These all relate to one another, so hang on.

To deal with the first two physiological characteristics which result in eternally frosty fingies, I bought myself a pair of beautiful lined leather gloves in October in Montreal, while my hands were especially frozen.

Then I lost those gloves, which is when the first personality trait mentioned above came in. I’ve been sporting the little fleece gloves that my mama-in-law bought me for Christmas, which are really more like fall or winter gloves, because I felt the need to self-punish for the waste of losing the other gloves. Result: my hands haven’t been warm in 36 days.

One more thing about me: I have a grandmother who has no patience for such antics.

She asked me how I protected myself for the walk to and from work (and everywhere else) in the frigid cold. She stopped me on the gloves and laid into me. I was to go out and find a pair of sheepskin mittens and stop being ridiculous. You see, my Uncle Bill has had a bad finger since the time he was a little boy, and in the cold it… sheepskin mits… essential… and so on.

I got a recommendation for a stall in the Byward Market that sells them, with a well-informed suggestion that I try on the children sizes because they were half the price. Clearly, she was well versed in the cheapie ways of moi. Alas, no matter how hard I tried to convince myself, I knew that the pressure on the tips of the fingies would disqualify these as the purchase of the year (or month for that matter), and so I picked up the adult sizes, which were a whopping $75. 

As I put them back down, assured that I could find something decent enough for a tenth of the price, my family’s all-powerful  matriarch channeled through me and screamed at me to stop being stupid. I shivered at her presence, picked the chocolate (mmm….) brown mits back up, paid for them, wiped away the tear and headed outside.

Whole.New.World. This is literally all I now think about while I’m walking through Ottawa’s gusts of arctic wind:

“I can’t believe how frickin’ warm and cozy my hands are. I want a whole outfit. What else do they sell? Must go back there. I can’t believe how frickin’ warm and cozy my hands are!”


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K, My hands are always cold too! I’ve been at work for over 2 hours and they are still a bit chilly. Your mitts look nice, but $75 is way too much for me. I’m saving up for a button maker you know!

Comment by Joanne

I totally hear where you’re coming from.
My parents once bought me a pair of seal skin mitts while visiting Labrador(I know, I know PETA would have a fit). I hated wearing them because they weren’t very pretty, but damn, they were warm. To this day I wish I had a pair.

Unfortunately they didn’t come in chocolate brown…

Comment by Lori

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