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January 30, 2007, 3:17 am
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The sock pyramid scheme has officially put me ahead and has turned out to be a very wise investment. I may have lost some ability to call in future favours, but who am I kidding, I probably would have blown those on “can you grab me a cookie while you’re up?” anyway.

Plus, this particular pair of socks is very, very special. They come from the mom of a close friend, which makes their… “uniqueness” all the more… interesting…? They’re not socks so much as, well, nylon knee highs. I won’t lie, I wear ’em all the time, although I generally don’t brag about it. Either way, I definitely wasn’t expecting such a pair through the sock pyramid, which got me thinkin’…

So, I figure either said friend revealed my knee high love to her mother one night over too much vodka (is that what the Polish drink?), OR I am officially “in” on a little Polish secret, previously held very dear by only a select few in a precious Club (OK, now I’m really exaggerating).

I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, because I don’t recall said friend being keenly aware of my fetish for knee highs, and certainly not to the extent where she would share my taste with her mom. Unless of course, I revealed such fetish to her during an evening of excessive vodka which I now forget, in which case the seemingly mundane information could have been passed along as part of a much, much more scandalous story, and her mother sending me the knee highs is a message of “you’re a bad influence on my saintly daughter”.

Actually, that does seem sort of reasonable now that I think about it.

The point is, these knee highs are very special. In fact, they’re so special, I have never before witnessed such a sight in all of my knee high shopping endeavours. They have padding on the feet!

I would tell you the brand and the evidence of what store they were purchased from but in the event that it is an initiation of some sort into a Polish Woman’s Club (rather than a well placed, seemingly benign threat to stay away from, or at least not drink with, her daughter), I choose not to mess with the Polish mafia.

I wish they had come with pierogies.

** Apparently this is “knee length socks” in Polish. If it is not, and happens to be something horribly offensive, I apologize.

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Actually, it is “knee length sock”. Just one. But good job! Please stop delving into the workings of Polishness or you will have to be eliminated. You already know too much. Now I have to zap you with my “Polack in Black” polish sausage memory eraser.

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