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Entertain me!
January 29, 2007, 7:16 am
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Quel weekend.

Constantly entertained, just the way I like it.

First of all, let me set aside any questioning – the Showtune Showdown on Saturday night was spectacular. Last year it was, sort of, well… cute. This year, the big voices came out to play and brought forth no fewer than six clap-and-scream-worthy performances to an almost sold-out audience. This event has made leaps and bounds from last year and will no doubt continue to rise in its status as “an event to attend” in Ottawa. If you missed it this year, your skepticism can remain a valid defence. Next year, however, all defences are out the window.

Movies, movies, movies. We finally saw Notes on a Scandal and The Queen.

Notes on a Scandal got two thumbs up from Husband and I. Judi Dench is now officially more terrifying than Forrest Whitaker (I know, I too am surprised). Cate Blanchett gets a lot of respect for, at this point in her career, choosing a role in which she is essentially the (very strong) supporting actress. A wise choice, I would argue, and clearly important for her to participate in this wonderfully twisted tale with such a force of a lead actress. Chemistry: a solid (albeit creepy) 8.5 out of 10.

The Queen was utterly disappointing to me. Yes, Helen Mirren was very good. She portrayed the stoicism well, while at the same time giving the audience a hint of a deeper turmoil that not even she could identify, let alone risk releasing without the capacity to manage it. The rest of the film, however, was underwhelming. The characters of the Royal Family (keeping in mind that the young princes are referred to only) are created, to some degree, given their incredible degree of privacy. Unfortunately, these characters didn’t ring true to me, didn’t seem quite right. I’ve never thought of Prince Philip as an ass, or a twit, so seeing that was very difficult for me to digest. And chemistry? None to be found in this film – barely even between the Blair’s. Overall, I found it to be weak, contrived, and as Lainey mentioned, a good candidate for a Movie of the Week.

Helen Mirren for best actress… maybe. The Queen for best picture… please goddess, say it ain’t so.


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