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The Gridiron Gang
January 25, 2007, 7:17 am
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No, not another foray into the Oscar predictions, rather a tributary name to the basketball team that we had the (dis?)pleasure of playing last night.

By the way, I’d love to hear what people think should get Oscar’s attention this year, so feel free to leave a comment on this post or any other for that matter. I always appreciate other people’s recommendations. OK, not always, but I’m trying to be more open-minded.

They’re looking at opening the canal from Pretoria to Bank Street this weekend! Not quite sure what else they need in addition to the frigid temperatures that we’ve been experiencing, but I guess there needs to be an alignment of stars and full moon as well.

I do love these frigid days in a way. It’s as though the entire city unanimously declares that fashion is dead and survival is imperative. The biggest of the big parkas come out (mine included – I’m the white blob taking up an entire sidewalk); people seem to be walking funny when you realize that their legs look unnaturally plump due to the four pairs of pants they’re sporting; and you wouldn’t even be able to recognize your own mother because people are so covered up with hats and scarves under and over their parkas.

Countdown to Showtune Showdown: 2 sleeps.

What a deliriously random assortment of information and topics this morning. I believe that the temperature has interfered in my ability to form well thought-out, and related, verses. I apologize. Will try harder tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone… stay warm, read the quote of the day and go get some M&Ms (peanut butter, obviously).


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Commenting on my third pair of socks received today! The thing was, they were from Yvonne and I just wanted to thank her. They’re “night time” socks which are PERFECT cause I happen to wear socks to bed anyway!
Have no comment about the Oscars, I”ve seen NONE of the movies thus far – I know, that is pathetic. But keeping in mind, I live in Nowhere…

Comment by meLissa

Night-time socks on a cold winter’s day…one of my favourite things. You’re welcome! Go socks go!

Comment by Yvonne

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