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So many movies, so little socks
January 22, 2007, 7:56 am
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No socks yet. If my mailbox remains empty today, tears will flow, rage will rise.

Movies… so many movies. We saw three this weekend, which I will rank according to our favourite to least favourite (while we agree on ranking, absolute notions of “like” or “dislike” varied somewhat, especially on the last one).

1. Volver – Great. Just wonderful. A slightly unsympathetic protagonist (i.e. authentic human being) amidst a relatively simple (compared to, say, Syriana) but powerful story. It always amazes me when a male director can capture the dynamics of female relationships in all their complexity (friends, sisters, mother-daughter). I’d love to hear what other women think about it. And don’t bother looking – in a massive oversight, Pene Cruz’s cleavage was not credited at the end of the movie, despite it’s large and central role in the movie.

2. The Last King of Scotland – I may have nightmares about Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin for the next four years. The incredibly painful time in Uganda’s history was covered in a way that makes one feel like you’re watching it in fast forward and only skimming the top of it. The point of the movie, though, is to delve into the personality and psychology of violent, volatile, desperate tyrants and how those around them fall in love with them and then inevitably suffer their wrath. We were compelled to sit through the entire duration of credits, because of both what we had just seen and the hypnotic music. As I always sit right at the front, I was shocked to finally turn around to the rest of the theatre to find that over half of the audience had also been compelled to do the same thing. First time for me; first time for them?

3.  Pan’s Labrynth – As I have a very hard time not being able to find something that I enjoy or appreciate about virtually every movie, so was the case with this one. It’s a fantasy film with the setting of WWII in Spain (although it’s a Mexican film), with the protagonist a young girl. The movie is DARK, despite it kind of being a children’s movie. Dark characters, storylines and overall set design and cinematography. What particularly interested me in seeing it were comments like “this will change the way you see movies!” and “you’ll never have experienced a movie watching experience like this before!” I admit I don’t generally pay too much attention to the fantasy/horror genre, but I have to say – I kind of thought that the genre had already achieved this level of technical creativity and surrealism. So, if nothing else, I think it was a good opportunity to “check in” with the genre and see where it’s at. Overall though, I think it’s a bit too limited in its appeal and cultish to beat, say, Volver for Best Foreign Language flick.

And one last question – what segment of our society is really enjoying the gore of explicit torture scenes in close up?!? Right – hadn’t thought about that before, but now I realize this film may really appeal to all you CSI fans out there!


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My dear Blor
you gotta give Can. Post some time!!!! I just got my first pair today, and so yours should be coming soon….be patient, they’re on their way!

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