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Vendredation Day
January 19, 2007, 7:46 am
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1. Apples – just finished one and, as is the case every morning, it was delish.

2. The Daily Plate – This is for those of you either trying to get back to your pre-Christmas form, or for those of you who are just plain curious to find out how many calories (as well as grams of fat, protein, carbs, and so on) you consume in a day. I’ve found it very interesting. Plus, Husband and I have now been able to track that indeed, I eat more than he does. It was just a theory before, but now we’ve got numbers. Oh well.

3. The Painted Veil – As part of the current work to see all potentially nominated Oscar flicks (this one won “best score” at the Golden Globes, but I suspect it may be nominated for “best adapted screenplay” at the Oscars, a category not included at the Globes), we saw this one last night. Despite the first half hour being a bizarre combination of moving almost too quickly and the acting being underwhelming, I adored it. The first half hour, while questionably directed, sets the tone solidly for the remainder of the film which more than makes up for early weaknesses.

It is the story of a couple who, contrary to popular themes of couples’-indifference-leading-to-betrayal, actually learn to outright despise one another very early in the story. Being the time (1920’s), they were not able to divorce, and begin to punish each other in the cruelest ways imaginable. Yet, their human nature dictates that they have to figure out how to live with one another, realizing that they can’t hate each other forever if they ever want any sense of happiness. Anger and bitterness get boring, non?

The acting, again, after the first half hour, was excellent. The chemistry between Naomi Watts and Edward Norton (this is very important for me) was excellent – equally in the good times and the bad. The secondary characters were interesting and believable and the backdrop of rural China (I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t more of 1920’s Shanghai) was exquisite and, quite frankly, refreshing. As well, the context provided a good mix of dark history and politics, and used the mere implication and references to violence as opposed to explicit displays (also very important for me).  

I can barely wait for movie marathon weekend!


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