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January 17, 2007, 7:33 am
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Again, is it Friday yet?

Apparently the sock pyramid scheme is working… confirmations are coming in that socks are being sent from various parts of the continent to others! So exciting. As promised, will keep you updated.

The stretch between Golden Globes and Oscars is truly the highlight of Winter for me. It’s when I really buckle down and schedule a slough of movies to go see in time for Oscar night. Last night, Husband (I sincerely hope readers get the Gilmore Grrls reference to this new “name”) and I went through the Golden Globe nominees list and picked out the ones we haven’t seen that will likely be contenders and those that we haven’t seen that we’ve now realized we want to see. This is going to be quite the time commitment, but I think we’re up for it.

First on the list: Dreamgirls. Firstly, because I love Motown and musicals. Also, I’m very curious to see if there can be any detection of animosity between Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson (who may in fact be the most adorable thing ever… “you don’t know what this has done for my self confidence!” – too sweet, won’t last long, must enjoy her while she’s still “pure”).

Second on the list: Notes on a Scandal – I love the dark stuff and I heard it’s like Damage, but a wee bit darker, and that’s pretty hard to accomplish. Can’t wait.

Third on the list: Little Children – As a rule, I will follow Kate Winslet wherever she goes.

Fourth on the list: The Last King of Scotland – ’cause Forest Whitaker is supposed to rock it and I think it will be particularly interesting given my current read, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall.

… and obviously, you can be sure I’ll be trying to hit every British Monarchy movie in an effort to stay in touch with my roots… or something.


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