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New socks
January 15, 2007, 12:22 pm
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I love socks. Especially ones that go right up to the knee (the italics is to emphasize their power by “distance”). I was beyond excited last week to receive a chain mail type thing wherein the sender sends the message to six people, all of whom send the person who sent me the original message one pair of socks. Considering the person who sent it to me also sent it to six people, who then sent it to another six people each, we should all receive, in theory, 36 pairs of socks each. I, for one, have bought and will be sending out my one pair today to Calgary. I’ll keep you updated on whether I receive any, let alone 36 back. Fingies crossed, obviously.

Perhaps it was given this excitement which led to a considerable oversight when getting dressed this morning. When shopping for my “to mail” socks at Winners this weekend, I happened upon the most delightful pair of socks that ever were. They go to my knees. Not too tight, but don’t fall down. They’re a deep teal (you know, not tacky at all). They have polka dots of the following colours: cream, pink, burgundy, sky blue, black, and camo green. They’re perfect. That being said, I understand that sock fetishes are not universal so I planned on keeping these bad boys under a sweet pair of boots – my own little secret.

‘Twas not meant to be on a stormy Monday morning.

Given the condition of the sidewalks outside, I had to go with the practical walking boots, as opposed to the stylish boots that I could wear all day (thus, keeping magical socks under wraps). So, the practical boots necessitate a quick change into shoes at work (yes, somewhat like Mr. Rogers – I have blazers instead of cardigans too). And so, my “little secret” is now visible to all, and so far, they’re cheering not just me up, but everyone else too!

Of all the Monday blunders, I think this is my favourite one ever.


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I like socks. They are beast. x]

Comment by Butter Fingers.

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