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Search Term Update
January 11, 2007, 12:29 am
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Everyone’s favourite installment is back! This is where I give my loyal readers a sample of search terms that surfers have entered into google or yahoo, bringing them to my little blog.

I’m very, very happy (I can’t express it enough, actually) to report that the peeing search terms have come to an end. It seems to be seasonal. Interestingly, that wave has been replaced by another one (also seasonal?), which I am much more comfortable with and happen to find ridiculously hilarious.

The newest, random search topic bringing people to this blog is (I swear I’m not making these up):

  • “Pomeranian attacks”
  • “vicious pomeranians” (that one’s popped up twice!)
  • “are pomeranians dangerous?”
  • and so on…


I do feel a bit badly though. You see, I have these visions of sad, fooled dog owners nursing their bitten, swollen hand/arm/leg/face, searching the internet for insight into how to make their new, beautiful, adorable little fluff ball not violently insane and vindictive, and I bring them to this, this, or goddess help them, this. Maybe they’ll be heartened to see that you can love beyond the pain, and then go get them a spiked collar.

Willy at the park


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