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January 10, 2007, 3:28 am
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Well, well, well. CBC’s line-up on Tuesday night is somethin’ else indeed. An hour of not-rage-inducing-stupid-Toronto-global-TV news (crack for a news junkie), Coronation Street (damn that Leanne!), Antiques Roadshow (read: perfect 25 minute napping slot), Rick Mercer Report (the little story by Dion explaining how federalists got him drunk on rum and cokes to turn him against seperatism forever was classic) and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Who’d have thought I could stay on the channel for almost three hours!??

Did any of you watch it? You know, the most talked about show possibly ever launched on Canadian television? I was worried that the ads were leaving very little for the actual show, but in fact, I was wrong (first and last time, ever). I was surprised at its charm and was reminded of what the main character had said on The Hour the night before – it’s “sweet”. And that it is. It’s no Arrested Development, or Entourage (the latest addiction), and in fact, it’s a refreshing change. The characters seem sufficiently interesting with hints of depth, and I thought the acting was quite good (especially the mid-20s daughter, who Husband thinks is “HOT”). If anything, a half hour seemed a bit short as I was hoping to get to know some of the characters a bit more (does that mean I have problems?).  Guess I’ll have to tune in next week.


By the way, is it Friday yet?


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Are you referring to Little Mosque on the Prairie?
Just finished watching it….FREAKING HILARIOUS!
Love it…definitely a weekly watch!!!

Comment by meLissa

Watched the first half while trying to fight off a bought of sleep…and loved it. Fiancé laughed out loud – a rare occurance – which must mean it is sure to be a hit.

Comment by Yvonne

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