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It’s still 2006!!
January 8, 2007, 12:54 am
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That’s right – it ain’t 2007 until I’ve had a chance to officially ring it in. So, you all go ahead and carry on normally and allow me to continue in my quest to find an adequate opportunity to make the transition. I’ll keep you updated.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. We definitely did, until the 30th when it all went down in flames. Beautiful cottage at Blue Mountain with an indoor pool and sauna (you better believe we were re-creating le nordik, with the added touch of white russians). Then, the cough started. Then, the cold sweats and fever came. I was quarantined in my room so as not to get any of our co-cottagers (who I barely knew) sick but was too sick to drive home early. I read an entire “Macleans” from beginning to end (I’ve never come close to doing that before), as well as an “In Touch”, meaning I think I finally know how to identify a boob job and no longer have to pester my husband with questions such as “are those ones real?!?!” I’m a woman. I should know these things, dammit.  The final saving grace to my being quarantined was the development of a full appreciation of my Christmas present from husband, the red iPod. Not only did it drown out the insensitive laughter of the others in the cottage, but it also has games! Solitaire, no less!! I swear it paid itself off in those 24 hours alone.

We finally got home, just in time. Husband fell ill within about 15 minutes of arriving home, which meant a full two days of us useless on the couch; apartment rammed with all the stuff we brought home, either of us with an ounce of energy to put any of it away. Doctor told me to stay home the entire week with my bronchitis and meds, so home I stayed. 

I watched five movies, including the monster special edition of the Wizard of Oz that I received from my darling sisters-in-law. I took them to see Wicked on the 23rd for Christmas where I pondered whether my never having seen the Wizard of Oz would be an issue in fully appreciating the show. It wasn’t, and the show was amazing, and then I received the monster special edition for Christmas from them. Too sweet, non? I’m such a sucker for the sentimental. Anyway, I’m now an expert on it, and no, no one hung themselves in the background. It’s clearly a bird. I paused and zoomed in from every angle. How on earth did anyone ever believe that rumour!?? Also, did you know that at one point, Over the Rainbow was cut from the film? Imagine.

And so, back to work I go on Monday. I hope I remember how to get there!

Finally, let’s just set the record straight for Mel – it was a grammatical error, not a freudian one, baby.


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I’m glad to see you back, was truly missing my morning read of the fish and LBisms. Sorry to read that both you and Marco were ill over the holidays, but glad you are better.
Just wanted to wish you both the very best, baby or not…

Comment by Ben

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