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Vendredation Day
December 22, 2006, 6:56 am
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Well, well, well… here we are.  Another year over and what have you done? Sorry, didn’t mean to get aggressive, but it’s my favourite Christmas song. It sounds a lot less abrasive when John Lennon sings it.

We had such a fun pre-Christmas evening at my sister’s yesterday. Filled with Uncle Marvin (my nephew’s 4-5 month old snake) eating dinner – his first time eating a mouse with fur! Then my brilliant little 12 year old nephew proceeded to awe us with this computer program that he has wherein he is the manager of an entire zoo, animals (not necessarily still in existence), food stands, food prices, maintenance, and everything you can imagine. Of course, it quickly devolved from building new pens for some animals into “let’s block all the people in the zoo, then take away the fence for the T-Rex’s and see what happens!” We all realized our darkness fairly early on in the rampage and awkwardly shifted back into the kitchen, heads held in shame.

What else is there to recommend today besides to have a wonderful holiday and enjoy those crazy family members of yours (hint: try and learn a new story about each of them from their scandalous years)?

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family who have been there for Marco and I through this extremely interesting, challenging, and joyous year. Your support, humour, love and understanding has meant so much to both of us.

Bring on the new year baby!!!


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Despite virtually flawless grammar in other posts, Lori omitted to put a comma between year and baby, thus making the sentence about a baby in the new year rather than us, the readers, being addressed as baby. Interesting, non?

Comment by Melanie

HA! I never noticed that little “slip” or subtle hint (which was it blor???)
Anyway, I considered leaving a pathetic voice mail on your machine hinting at the fact that its been a long time since we’ve chatted and if you haven’t forgotten me perhaps we should connect…
But then I thought posting a comment on your blog would be much more unique than hearing my sappy voice on your answering machine.
I’ll see if it stimulates a positive response!

Comment by meLissa

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