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Tales from Madagascar
December 20, 2006, 4:47 pm
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I’m choosing only one from the plethora that we heard from Desmond about his travels last night.

In the jungle (with the special lemurs), there is this bizarre spider-snake relationship (obviously these are specific types of spiders and snakes, but obviously I don’t know what they are).

So the spiders build their nests in the trees. The snakes go into the nest to have their baby snakes. When it’s time for the baby snakes to be left on their own, the mama snakes busts a hole through the nests and leave them forever (sniff).

Here’s when the race starts.

If the ants can repair the hole fast enough, trapping the baby snakes inside, the spiders get to eat the snakes. But if the snakes smarten up fast enough and figure out that they need that hole to escape and survive, then they win.

Fascinating, non?


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