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good times…
December 18, 2006, 1:04 am
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What a great weekend. I started to think about it as a weekend in the life of Maria Kim…

It started with Maria’s (early) birthday party at Shanghai on Friday night. Her birthday is on Christmas, so for many years she went without friend-birthday-parties. Last year, she decided to change that and had a nice dinner at Kinki, and this year she upped the ante with some dinner and karaoke. I really wish I could find the words to express how much fun the whole evening was, but I don’t think I can. There was barely any timidity in the crowd and if there had been, Maria’s brave and fantastic performance with China Doll (the drag queen who runs the “show”) decisively set the tone.  My own personal favourite moment was when I got to sing Seasons of Love (from Rent) with China Doll. Unfortunately, “she” insisted on being “funny” throughout most of the song, but with a little effort, I was able to block it out and, for a moment, pretend I was on Broadway. Joy.

Maria & China Doll

Saturday evening began with a lovely dinner with half of my basketball team and more at Hot Peppers for Amy’s birthday. Delicious food, good, dark, biting wit around the table, and boob-tassles. Does it get any better?

From there, I joined up with Maria and Debbie to go to my very first DFAIT party. For those of you who aren’t govvies, DFAIT is the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, renowned around town for their young, attractive, well-dressed, smooth personnel, and their parties.  Sure enough, the place was well stocked with the above in addition to delicious little munchies and casual stories being passed around about when they were in Africa, South America, NYC… and “oh, this is so-and-so, we were in Turkey together!”.

What I was particularly impressed with was their party mingling skills. Nobody sat, until the end of the very late night, and everyone moved around very well, boldly introducing themselves to everyone and quickly breaking into some sort of amusing banter. There were no little groups off to the side, where people would sit in their spot for the whole evening, speaking only to the people they already knew. They were there to meet people and get to know people, and they knew how to do it. All in all, I learned a lot… and then the wine kicked in. Lucky them. I somehow lost mes amies on the way out and came out the back exit, which, with wine, could have disastrous consequences. Luckily, two of the party goers had also used that exit (but on purpose) and were still in sight and screaming distance. They were very sweet to walk me around to my amies in waiting.

So, I don’t think I’ll ever be invited back but hey… I’m glad I had the chance at least once!


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