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vendredation day
December 15, 2006, 2:25 am
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For some reason, I’m overwhelmed to sing “Return of the Mac”… oh wait, I am singing it… and… done. I know “mac” doesn’t exactly rhyme with “vendredation”, but rhyming is such a pedestrian form of poetry anyway.

I digress.

Sorry for the constant change in presentation; I didn’t like the old formatting and spacing limitations.

I digress again.

I have two main recommendations for this week, which have been not so much “nice occasions” as full-blown addictions as of late:

1. Peanut butter m & m’s – Oh.My.Goddess. Unreal. And don’t even start to give me the Reeses Pieces or bite size argument, ’cause they’re not the same. Trust me, I’ve done the taste testing.

2. Green curry chicken – especially take-out from Coriander Thai. A bit pricey, but absolutely my go-to comfort food of late. Perfect for a cold night, rainy night, hot night… you get the drift. It’s just enough of a bite to get the senses cleared out but not too much that you can’t act like a ravenous beast when eating it (remember, I’m eating this at home). You know what I’m saying.

Finally, I would like to say, on behalf of my dear co-worker and friend, Ben, that we should all have children. I received a call yesterday at work after he apparently realized that his “comment” was turning into an essay, to appeal to me to recant my decision to not have children based on my lack of faith in power structures, as documented by “An Inconvenient Truth”. And so, for his sake (and that of those whose precious “grandmother” mantle we are threatening), negotiations around baby-making will be re-opened… one day.

p.s. I’ve updated the photos page for your reading and viewing pleasure.


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