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Is it wrong?
November 8, 2006, 1:59 am
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It is. It is so wrong that I’m so giddy that Brit dumped K-Fed.  I didn’t think anything could beat the joy of Nick dumping Jessica, but alas, I was so very wrong. Yes, I’m a celeb gossip junkie, and I’m okay with that. It’s what they call a guilty pleasure people… and it is so pleasurable. Gossip sites galore make the innane, irrelevant gunk so accessible to a grrl searching for a distraction to feed her ADHD (it’s true – I was retroactively confidently diagnosed by two teachers at a pub on Friday night). What better than well-dressed, well-accessorized, glamorous gunk? Nothing.

My grrl Lainey (as if I need to tell you about her, but if I do, check out my “best sites” page for her link and then submit to her witty charm) put it best with: “Have you ever seen a divorce so celebrated?” No Lainey, I have not. Although I wasn’t around when Tina finally dumped Ike, I’ve seen “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and I think that’s the only rival to the current situation.

So that’s what I’ve been doing instead of blogging lately. Not really, but it just seemed like a good reason compared to the real one, which is slightly non-existant. I suppose I could say I’m busy at work, ’cause I am. That’s right. I’ve just admitted it. Sometimes I blog at work. It’s my preference really. You see usually I like to start my day off with ten minutes of blogging. People think this is irresponsible but I submit my objection to that haste judgment. Firstly, no worries about whether you (the taxpayer) is getting your money out of me. I promise I work more than my 7.5 every day and do so happily. You see, now this may scare you, I have to write a lot for my work. To help get the juices flowing, I blog for about 10 minutes about something completely un-work related and completely fluffy (every once in awhile I get serious, I suppose) because as any person who writes a lot knows, one has to reach “the flow”.

The Flow is when the words just start coming out and form into splendid little combinations known as sentences that are so clear and fresh and poignant. Well, I hope they’ll end up that way one day anyway. While my sentences may not end up as the sistine chapel of wording, they come out a lot easier after lubing up. And let me tell you, some of the things that I have to write about for work are not exactly exhilirating or inspiring. 

So there you have it. I blog at work, and I do it to make me better and more efficient at completing my work. Go ahead, release the hounds. You haven’t met my uncles. I can take whatever you throw at me.

For the record though, I also write a lot at home, save some for later posting and am currently writing this one late in the evening while my husband (im)patiently waits for me to join him for chocolate and Entourage.


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