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Vendredation Day
October 20, 2006, 12:54 pm
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Thank you to Maria for being the sole respondent to my blog poll of yesterday (responses still welcome). While I’m not sure I’ve ever heard her idea of a baby chick’s sound, I’m pleased that she didn’t say the one thing that I was hoping not to hear: “peep”.  So thank you for that, Maria.

It’s been a long week and I’m slightly overwhelmed with the notion of finding things to recommend… and then I remember…

1. Hotel Square Phillips – Montreal (

Beautiful re-decorated, elegant hotel in the core of Montreal’s downtown. The staff were so friendly and helpful; the continental breakfast was enough to fill one up for the day (fresh croissants…. nummers); and the rooftop pool was divine. What I loved about the rooftop pool in particular was not the 3/4 surroundings of windows to look out at the Montreal skyscrapers, but the fact that it’s a lap pool – a small one given, but still definitely a lap pool. This is a deterrent to casual floaters and swimmers and bane of all lap swimmers’ existences: children. I like kids, I do, just not frolicking in the pool when I’m trying to do my laps. Lap pool deter these activities and hence, I heart lap pools. 

2.  Santropol – Montreal (

I LOVE this restaurant. LOVE love it. It serves mainly sandwiches of unbelievable deliciousness on their freshly baked bread which is so divine that it could be eaten on its own. I had the root sandwich this time which was a combination of carrots and raisins and some other goodies that were absolutely delicious. It’s also one of the coolest ambiences of any restaurant I’ve ever been to, anywhere in the world. It’s quaint, very artistic, staff are great with an easy sense of humour and the clients all seem like they’re either working on changing the world or raising their children without television… you know what I mean?

In addition to its amazing eatery, Santropol has also branched off to sell coffee (which is available at Mags & Fags in Ottawa) and, closer to my heart, a charitable organization called “Santropol Roulant”. Unlike Meals and Wheels, which is still a wonderful organization but is now limited to dropping off six frozen meals one time per week, friendly pairs of Santropol Roulant volunteers deliver five hot, fresh meals a week to residents in Montreal and make a point to not only feed people with good food but to minimize the social exclusion and isolation of people with disabilities and/or people living on their own. Not only do they deliver food but they also organize activities and movie nights for their clients.

It is an organization that is particularly close to my heart because my brother, who as many of you know suffers from a progressive form of MS, has been one of their clients for almost two years. Having lost much of his mobility and experiencing much difficulty taking care of himself, including cooking, Santropol Roulant is a blessing for him and our family.

… and just so you know, Santropol Roulant is a registered charity that you can donate to through the Government of Canada United Way Campaign. The information needed for the form is on the Canada Revenue Agency Form.

Have a great weekend everyone! Wish me luck on the half-marathon in Niagara Falls!


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RUN LORI RUN! You can do it – I’ll be with you in spirit….

May I also add a great big DITTO to your comments on Santropol! I’d also recommend the soups, funky drinks and don’t forget the most creative uses for peanut butter that you’ll EVER witness! It’s a favourite place to take “out of towners” when visiting MTL.

And now you’ve made it my new BF for being socially conscious! GO SANTROPOL!

Comment by Amy

Hi Lori,

Good luck running the half-marathon. Go girl, go. 🙂

Comment by Charlie

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