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October 19, 2006, 1:17 pm
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Now readers, I need answers on this one!

What sound to baby chickens (a.k.a. chicks) make?

Here’s some inspiration:


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“buck, buck, buck”…as in the chicken dance – doesn’t look nice written but orally

Comment by Maria

Generally I go for the “buck” or the “brooock”, however, in this instance – cute fuzzy little chick – a “peep” is definately in order. I guess Yvonne isn’t crazy after all!

Comment by Amy

I still have it at home at will cut it out this evening and bring the evidence to our game Wednesday: a Telus ad on the front page of the Saturday Globe that uses Yvonne’s very fine pun about peeps and features baby chickens. Not that Telus — nor the Globe for that matter — is the arbiter of truth, but it does mean that Telus’s entire marketing department, were they cool enough to read your blog, would be voting for “peep” as the sound a small chicken makes. That’s a lot of hypothetical votes for peep.

Comment by Melanie

PS The picture is adorable, but does anyone else think it’s a baby duck?

Comment by Melanie


Thanks Mel for confirming that I am not, in fact, crazy. And as someone who once had a chick as a pet (seriously), I agree that the little guy does look like a duck.

Comment by Yvonne

I’m not up on my ‘baby fowl’ recognition….but isn’t the answer to the question (what is the sound a baby chick makes???)…..cheep, cheep?!

Comment by Shane

sorry about the long URL, but i had to post it after yvonne telling me about this discussion on here. watch and see for yourself…and THEN we shall see!

Comment by Ewok

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