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October 18, 2006, 2:04 pm
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Wowzas. This blog has officially had over 5,000 hits.

It got me to thinking though – I wish I knew what the difference was between hits and visitors. I also wondered if other people would care to be informed if they are, like me, technologically illiterate (gooooo ludites!).

A quick google research effort has found that (my comments inserted in obvious fashion):

Visitor = All activity for one visitor of the site.

Hit = An action on a web site such as when a Visitor views a page or downloads a file.

Let’s say that fresh fish daily had 12,000 visitors last month (good one, eh?). But it also showed that there were 1,120,000 hits. What is happening is this; the Visitor (counts as 1 visit) navigated their way around various pages of fresh fish daily all the time racking up Hits.  So, one Visitor could easily rack up 100’s if not 1’000’s of hits depending on the amount of content on each page that they visited. If you have a page that has sliced images (what!??) for a navigation element, and there are 10 images in that navigation (I’m so confused), then that counts as 10 hits when the page is loaded.”

Whatever. I think all this means that while I’ve had over 5,000 hits, I’ve only had about 6 visitors.

How’s this for a “hit”?


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