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Vendredation Day
October 6, 2006, 1:45 pm
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Woah Mamma.

Which Mamma? Mamma Teresa. Everytime my Dad and Step-Mamma come into town, there’s at least one required visit to this Italian restaurant on the corner of O’Connor and Somerset. It’s not exactly a “hidden gem” by any means, and rumour has it that key negotiations for the constitutional talks in the early 1980’s went down over the quaint candle-lit tables in discreet back rooms of the old house. If the messages written by politico’s on their 8×10’s (who knew politico’s had 8x10s?) is any indication, the rumour is likely true.

What’s particularly lovely about Mamma’s is the old-fashioned service and attention to detail. Sure they over-do it a bit on the “bella” bit but the thought is appreciated all the same. Also, the food is not overly expensive (coming from the person that doesn’t pay for dinner) but is fresh and in a quantity that is large, but not Baton-Rouge-grotesque.

Last night, we had our traditional antipasto platter with a huge amount of calamari (delicious ones, too), scampi, shrimp, gorgonzola-stuffed hot peppers, salami, olives, fresh warm bread and an amazing italian cheese. I was so full.

Then came the main course.

I had the salmon, which was fairly good and a very large serving (can’t go wrong on serving size when it’s salmon!) with a side of what I would consider to be a full plate of pasta with fresh creamy tomato sauce. All of it was so good that while I fully intended to bring at least half home to have for lunch today, there was nada left. In fact, we all ordered something different and all enjoyed our meals thoroughly, as we always do.

It’s not an original recommendation by any means, but in my opinion Mamma Teresa’s has earned, and continues to merit, the reputation of being both an Ottawa landmark and at the same time, a lovely, quaint, romantic setting that is perfect for a first date (like my sister and her now fiance) or a large group.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to try the creme caramel…


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