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Vendredation Day
September 29, 2006, 2:02 pm
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Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve written those “words”.

A long time ago, in what seems a galaxy far, far away, Marco and I were tasked with the very serious business of settling an ongoing argument between two warring families, er, co-worker couples about the best chinese food in Ottawa. This argument had been going on for months. The K&L side argued that the Royal Treasure could not be beat, while the R&S team was adamant that So Good was the best.

And so, team L&M, otherwise known as Team MarLo was brought in, because we’re nothing if not enthusiastic eaters… and gamblers. The six of us ventured out one lovely fall evening, first to the Royal Treasure at the corner of Somerset and Lebreton then further back east on Somerset to So Good. We had committed to three courses at each restaurant – a veggie dish of some sort, a spicy chicken/beef dish and what was apparently the most important factor, the hot and sour soup.

To be quite honest, when we reflect on this outing as a larger group, the others seem to recall each plate at each restaurant and can describe which one was better and why. Being more of a pho-gal, I only have a vague recollection of loving the beef dish at So Good but a very, very vivid recollection of practically gagging on the hot and sour soup… at both locations. This was in stark contrast to my co-diners who couldn’t get enough of the soup(s) and practically licked the bottoms of their bowls (savages) – particularly at the Royal Treasure, which seemed to have won hands down.

Since that night, one half of Team MarLo has loved hot and sour soup while the other half  despised it. I’ve learned, however that I need to try things at least three times to give tastes a legitimate shot.

This week, I returned to the Royal Treasure for the third time with some lovely amies and un ami. I couldn’t turn down the soup as it just stared at my starving self, so I dove in – almost literally. Wouldn’t you know it? I loved it! I can’t compare this particular soup to others but I will say this about the Royal Treasure’s hot and sour soup: It was the soup that turned it all around for me and turned me into a fan.

That has to count for something, non?

Happy weekend to all, and to all a good day.


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Being from the So Good Team I concede to your point. There is no comparison between the Royal Treasure hot and sour soup and that of So Good. I would go as far as to say that RT has the best H&S soup in North America. You could actually go in as a party of 4 and order the large hot and sour soup for about $10 and have 4 servings each it is not only good but it is gigantic. Having said that, the So Good szechwan spicy chicken or beef beats the RT version. Both have décor problems so order out from both places along with Golden Palace egg rolls and you have the perfect meal for between the NFL late Sunday afternoon games and the Sunday night game.

Comment by Ross

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