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Ode to a friend
September 25, 2006, 1:43 pm
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What a fantastic weekend.

Working backwards, the Jets WON, we had a lovely brunch at my brother-in-law’s, a great Billy Bragg concert on Saturday night, a lovely bridal shower on Saturday afternoon, completion of my birthday resolution with a VOLVO S40 test drive on Saturday morning and a last minute drive into Montreal on Friday night for far, far too much beer and laughter.

One year ago today, we (the Montreal crew) lost our friend Matt Truesdale in a car accident in northern Alberta. The loss shook us to the core, as those of you who came into contact with me in the ensuing days would know. As we reflected on Friday night, the year that has gone by seems to be at once three years and three months – either way, still not real.

I met Matty in grade nine in Beaconsfield where he became simultaneously my first love and first parent-shocker. A skateboarder wtih blue hair and facial piercings was so much fun to bring to my parent’s dinner parties. My mom being my mom, however, loved him – especially for the blue hair. Although a romantic relationship was unsustainable for so many, many reasons, a friendship was inevitable.

In fact, he was a great friend – so unlike most of the “boy” friends we have in our teens who we love no matter what (truly) but are brutal at friendship maintaining – although they get full credit for making the trip to Toronto for my wedding/open bar. Matty was the friend that no matter what crazy life he was leading, where he was living, what he was doing, he managed to remember your birthday and make that call. No matter the inconvenience, when he was in Montreal visiting his family, he would make the drive to Ottawa, if only for a night, to check up on everyone who had migrated here, and of course to make fun of my PC-loving ways by calling me “hun” and “broad” to make me scream at him and making fun of my chicks with guitars music collection, among other rage-inducing things. Nobody liked to get me pumped up more than Matty. He could have been poor in the middle of Africa and would have found a way to be at my wedding. That’s the kind of friend he was.

His commitment to living in the moment at all costs seems now to have indicated some sort of sense that his life would be cut short. His way of life and subsequent loss of life was for all of us one of the most important life lessons we would ever have to learn. It’s by no means a profound one, nor an original one, but unfortunately it too often requires losing someone to learn it and making a conscious effort not to forget it.

Here’s to you Matty…


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