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Sleeping’s overrated
August 28, 2006, 12:42 pm
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It amazes me, it truly does, how I can lie awake all night – moving from my bed to the floor and back again – stomach-in-knots-worrying about absolutely everything that may or may not happen over the next six days, meanwhile knowing full well that these are things I can’t control and should not spend any time worrying about, only to rise in the morning and not even be able to remember the things I was stressing about when I was still awake an hour before.

Bizarre, non?

Who’s got recommendations for sleeping aids in this last home stretch?


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Great question, for which Dr. McCarse has a few answers:

On a continuum of effort/effectiveness:

Meditation augmented with a cd of relaxing music (I have a couple if you would like to experiment). This is surprisingly effective, if a little too ‘new-age’ for a luddite like me.

For a gentle sleep aid: melatonin. This is a favourite of mine as it makes you sleepy when it is dark, awake when light (resets bodily clock) and has the added bonus of the occasional lucid dream.

If that doesn’t work, take two. If still too gentle, add a Gravol, but note that this will likely ruin any chances of a lucid dream.

If you NEED sleep, take some Nyquil—works every time.

If none of the above works, call a real doctor

Don’t sweat the small stuff Lo, u will be amazed at how smoothly everything will go.


Comment by Ryan


Yoga breathing is a really effective way to focus your mind and leave the rest to the universe. One of Deepak Chopra’s tricks when your thoughts are racing is to touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth for a few seconds. For some weird reason, this works.

Good luck!

Comment by Veronica

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