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Wiggle Waggle Walkathon
August 24, 2006, 1:07 am
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Hey cats… er, dogs,

A special notice today from a faithful reader (and amie) who is helping organize this year’s Wiggle Waggle Walkathon for the Humane Society of Ottawa. We participated in this last year and if my drama-dog wasn’t being such an a-hole right now (goddess forbid we take him to the groomer, cut all of his nails for the first time in his life and he even look our way for the next week without yelping to feign unbelievably excruciating physical pain…), I’d be all over the Walk again this year.

Don’t have a dog? What a place to shop around for an ideal breed!

As a complementary activity this year, the organizers have ingeniously recruited the help of Bob 93.9 FM (I can’t believe I just wrote that on my blog…) to find Ottawa’s “Top Dog” – an Ottawa Idol for dogs, if you will. Again, if my dog wasn’t in the habit of biting innocent groomer’s hands and didn’t have breath like a fish tank, I’d be all over this one too.

Good news, I’m told that although I can’t participate, they will still gladly take donations to such a worthy cause… so off I go to donate!

But come on, isn’t the little jerk adorable? 

Willy at the park


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Thanks Lori!
If folks are unable to participate but would like to make a donation they can also do it here:

Thanks for your support!

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