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I heart Lukas
August 23, 2006, 12:23 pm
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I know he’s kind of short, and I know those eyebrows practically have their own life-force, but man alive, when that boy starts singing and then swaying and twirling around the stage, I literally have to get up out of my seat.

What am I referring to? Rockstar Supernova, of course, and more particularly – Lukas Rossi. The boy from Toronto has the power to move like Steven Tyler, David Bowie, the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince and, as mentioned on the site linked below, Freddie Mercury. What he also has in common with these legends however, is the ability to mesh that somewhat effeminate quality of grace in movement with an unbelievably masculine voice to create… well… something that I’d actually pay to see.

And that’s what set it apart for me. Dilana is good, she is, but at the end of the day, would I pay money to see her? Tommy Lee, maybe, but Dilana, probably not. Put Tommy and Lukas together in a band and sign me up for groupie status, I’m done.


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Couldn’t agree more. And as a confessed Motley Crue, Metallica and especially GnR fan, they NEED a good front “person” if they are going to go anywhere… In the end, TLee, Newstead and Gilby were secondary and tertiary members—contributing very little creatively—of their respective bands; so a charismatic and creative vehicle like Lukas could be the key ingredient for an awesome new band… Rock and Roll is alive and well:)

Lukas could be to Supernova what Mr. Presutti is to Ms. Brooks: an animating, centering and completing piece of the puzzle–or is the other way around:)

Getting very excited about the wedding guys!!!


Comment by Ryan

Dido, I have not missed a show yet. Just love it.
Lot’s of talent.

Comment by YVOSM

Ryan, Dilana and Lukas in that order

Lukas will be a single successful performer he has the best voice but way too moody, no compromise, and a bad attitude not as in “bad” but as in childish. He will be a problem within that band and they know it. Ryan could front the band but then it would be pretty much like every other band in that genre and believe me they will not make it b/c of the past. Dilana is freaky, great voice, wide range and crowd pleasing theatrics. She could make this metal group stand out but do they have the guts to front a women….doubt it. So look to the underdog Ryan to mistakenly be picked for Ordinarynova

Comment by Ross

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