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Vendredation Day
August 18, 2006, 12:55 pm
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Recommendation #1: Do I really need to say it again? Do I? Fine… GO HERE:

I’m still relaxed from WEDNESDAY night. I don’t know what kind of pill you could buy downtown in back alleys, or get from the pharmacist for that matter, that could guarantee such a long lasting effect. I need more. Soon… very soon…

Recommendation #2: Because I don’t just give out recommendations, I also take others up on theirs, including my favourite blog, Breakfast Blogger (link to the left). We were lucky to have had Mark & Kelly pick our car-less butts up for breakfast on Saturday morning and bring us over the bridge to enjoy the peaceful, natural setting, great food (although there should always be cheese in omelettes, even those with asparagus) and a chance for a nameless party in attendance who is currently on french training to practice speaking la belle langue (hope they ask him to order breakfast in the oral exam!).

Anyway, it was definitely worth the trip out there, especially if, like us, “trip out there” entails going down to your lobby and waiting for your lovely and generous friends to drive you there!

Call me a masochist, a glutton for punishment, whatever you want but I’m going back to Savanna one more time tonight. My amnesia has not yet set in and I plan on letting anyone but myself order for me… no pad thai! I hope to be able to provide an unqualified recommendation for the cool little spot next week!

Have a great weekend y’all!!


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I *love* Savana!! I also happen to know the secret ingredient in their Pad Thai!

Comment by Peabody

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