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Apocalypse Now
August 2, 2006, 12:20 pm
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I can’t quite put my finger on what gave me the feeling yesterday. It may have been the fact that my glasses fogged up during my morning run. It may have been the science-fiction feel I got from peoples faces glistening with sweat everywhere I looked at lunch or the rare lack of concern shown to sweat-drenched business shirts and dresses. Perhaps it was the emptiness of downtown streets that are usually busy after work. Then again, I guess it could have just been the raw feeling of instant and total body warmth, which slowly turned into overheating, upon exiting any air conditioned building – doesn’t it usually take at least a few seconds to adjust to the heat outside? I can’t put my finger on it, but something about yesterday’s extreme heat felt very apocalyptic.

It got me to thinking that I wish I had a federal government that hadn’t just axed basically the entire climate change project. Given the extreme weather of yesterday, it really seems that cancelling the program, for all intents and purposes, may have showed a bit of lack of foresight. Let me be clear – this is not a tirade against a political party in particular. I, like my mother before me, feel it is my civic duty to keep any governing party on their toes. Plus, I have to curse someone/something while I’m continually wiping the dripping sweat from my face – and drivers of SUV’s are too easy a target.

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