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Update on Search Terms
August 1, 2006, 12:42 pm
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As some of you may recall, I recently discovered that my blog is happened upon by certain surfers searching bizarre topics, especially public peeing. Aside from the usual restaurant/recommendations that I post, there have been a few search terms that have caught my eye over the last little while that I thought fun to share with you.

My new favourite:

– Peeing on Blisters (Wow. What kind of home remedy is that??!)

Some others:

– public peeing (that’s recurrring for some reason)

– trying to pee in a wedding dress (is there something I should know?)

– bruised tailbone rollerblading (whoever you are, I totally feel your pain – physical and emotional)

– fresh fish at wal-mart (DON’T DO IT!)

– A few people that have been characters on this blog have been searched for (ego or no?) – one several times. I finally got a “lori brooks” hit. Thank you, whoever you are, for caring… assuming I’m the one you were looking for, which I probably wasn’t. In which case, my apologies.


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Peeing on blisters? I think Ill stick to my method of poking at it for a while then popping a little pin hole in it and trying too see how far I can squirt it.
As for the peeing in a wedding dress thing, Ive been there. Its an event in itself. It took 3 helpers for me to cop a squat on my day from doom. Serves me right for doing the poof dress thing!

Comment by Azureus

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