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Vendredation Day
July 28, 2006, 3:07 am
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Have I ever mentioned how much my hubby-to-be hates when I talk about him on the blog? I personally thinks he’s half-lying and secretly loves it, but in the event that he truly does hate it, I will refrain from discussing the incredible birthday-day he concocted for me this year and how much his surprise-keeping skills have been honed under my guidance. However, while I won’t talk about him, thereby precluding me from giving him any credit for the awesome day he planned, you now know where these recommendations this vendredi are coming from…

1. Le Nordik – Spa (note: that’s not us in the photo)

With a little nudge from my nameless-hubby-to-be’s co-worker and co-worker’s wife (Scott and Jenn), I was surprised with a trip to the Scandinavian spa in Chelsea. After an initial panic attack that I’d have to be spending hours in a bathing suit that I hadn’t picked out, without having prepared to go swimming (ladies, you know what I mean), I descended into sheer exhiliration and anticipation. Four cycles through the 1) steam room (sooo hot) to the 2) cold waterfall and plunge pool (which I mistakenly thought I had to spend 15 minutes in) to the 3) relaxation of chaise lounges, at one point intercepted by a chocolate fondue, and my body encountered a long forgotten sensation – relaxation.


It’s not that expensive and next time, I would AND WILL splurge on a massage. Also, when nameless-hubby’s-to-be surprise you, they sometimes forget to bring things, you know, because of man-brain. The dress and fresh tunders were well appreciated, however some make-up and a hairbrush also would have been appreciated. Good thing the nice lady in the change room wasn’t opposed to uncivilized requests to borrow brushes, because then I would have been even more out of place when we got to the next spot:

2. l’Orée du Bois (aka after large bottle of wine: Lori du Bois)

Right around the corner from the spa, it offers fairly good french cuisine (it’s no Signatures) at very affordable prices. Four courses for about $35 really can’t be beat. Although, we began to realize how they charge so little – turns out if you don’t replenish your dishes or decor whatsoever over a 30+ year span, you can really offer bargain basement prices for good food… apparently. Anyway, unlike nameless-hubby-to-be who makes it his life goal to never eat the same thing twice and always try the craziest thing on the menu (luckily, this time only deer), I didn’t have to be too adventurous and went for the steak, a mushroom entrée and an attempted cold carrot soup which was hijacked by a warm green soup (still good) and a crème caramel – which at this point was unenjoyable due to the fact that my sister had not yet called to reveal to me that she was engaged despite the fact that I knew she was being proposed to at that very time. Argh. How’s a grrl to enjoy a dessert when distracted by thoughts of shiny diamonds and professions of love being passed along to her sister? Impossible.

3. Hy’s

Not a novel recommendation and had nothing to do with my birthday at all – rather someone else’s! See, I’m not entirely selfish. The evening started off well when the bartender served my a Kir Royale (which I’m apparently supposed to know about) only to strongly dislike it and have him offer to make me a champagne-orange cocktail as a “sorry”. So nice. Anyway, the little filet mignon with double-baked potato was fabulous but completely overshadowed by the gargantuan crème brulée for dessert. Had to roll home, but that’s not an entirely rare occurence. Only downfall was the complete and utter lack of celebs that I could recognize.


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