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Babies, Anchovies… and some politics
July 27, 2006, 1:03 pm
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We went out for dinner last night with three sets of new parents. it’s amazing how quickly that leads one to feel like a useless bump on log who is completely detached from anything of real importance. ‘Twas a bit disheartening that they were all able to drink more than us and that we all entered the phase of sleepy-slouch at the same time… what’s our excuse? Willy. On another note, we’ve decided to forego having children until such a time that Barney is no longer the go-to children’s song master. I will, however, give the purple dinosaur points for longevity. He may beat out the Olsen Twins yet.

Anyway, did you know (apparently everyone does except me) that caesar salads generally have an anchovy paste in the dressing? This is very new information to me and almost precluded me from being able to enjoy one last night and forevermore. Alas, I gave myself a mental kick in the mental behind and continued my progress of “culinary maturation” wherein I eat more than just chicken and fries and don’t get freaked out everytime I know that something on my plate is weird, icky or just loaded with cute mental imagery.

In fact, a hint for tomorrow’s super-packed Vendredation Day – I tried deer (“venison” for those of you in Bambi-denial) last week!

Finally, anyone catch this little gem? Chicago city council voted in favour of mega-retail big box stores should pay employees living wages, so that they can have a chance at breaking out of the working poor cycle. Guess what? Multi-bigillionaire stores Wal-Mart and Target are threatening to re-direct so-called “development” as a result. Anyone still shopping there?

On a similar note, JS last night revealed an interesting piece of information about British Petroleum/Beyond Petroleum in that it has been making an average profit of $55,000 per minute over the last three months. JS figures it’s because they’re not only drilling for oil but also directly into bank vaults. Giggle giggle.


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Big surprize, George and gang are probably making twice that per minute.

Comment by lynne

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