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Celeb watching in Ottawa
July 24, 2006, 1:02 am
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It ain’t easy, but we sure tried!

Setting: Friday evening in the market doing a little birthday celebration on the patio at Stella.

Starring: My beautiful new pink Matt & Nat purse… and my lovely friends.

First we see Kimberly Clark (?) from CJOH news, looking quite lovely and all done up but not too done up as though she’d just walked off the news set with pounds of make-up on. Anyway, she’s clearly one of those people who looks just as good in real life as she does on tv. Plus, she didn’t get weirded out when I pointed at her and told my table that she was standing 10 feet away from us while she was looking at me. Some people don’t dig that. One day, I’ll tell you about my run-in with Catherine Clark (or did I already do that?). Speaking of which, do I just think every famous person’s last name is Clark? Is that really Kimberley’s last name? She’s the redhead – let me know if I’m wrong.

Then we saw the Deputy Minister of the Canada Border Services Agency, which is almost a big deal to a table full of govies except that it took us five minutes and a blackberry to figure it out. Anyway, that was almost exciting.

But here’s where it got good. We tell the server that we’re about done and ask her to bring the cheques at which point she very subtly informs us that it would be worth sticking around another 15-20 minutes because none other than Alanis Morrisette is supposed to arrive! I pulled a birthday-b*tch and demanded we stay put and order another round of drinks so that I can do a little real celeb watching. My amigos didn’t love me for it, a) because they could care less about A.M. (what the…?!?) and b) because the drinks were not 4$ but 7$ (my mistake). Oops. Anyway, we stayed for another 45 minutes and no show for Ms. Jagged Little Pill. SO disappointing and goodness knows how I feel about people who are tardy and keep their ‘party’ (which had already arrived) waiting. Nevermind the disappointment of not seeing Deb pull of her much rehearsed cell-phone camera move.

This brings me to my second attempt at a poll: Some parties at our table thought the server’s “celeb watching tip” was simply a ploy to get us to buy another round and Alanis was never to show. What do you think?


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