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Vendredation Day
July 21, 2006, 1:28 am
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Been awhile, eh?

Couple of recommendations to dish out…

1. (WARNING: This one comes with some pretty important qualifiers) Kinki’s Happy Hour: Kinki’s in the market no doubt thinks it’s about the swankiest place in the Nation’s Capital, but can it back up the image? Not so much. What it does have, however, is an amazing patio (to the side behind the chip stand beside Zaphod’s) and 4$ happy hour cocktails (may I recommend the yangtze?). The food is also a deal (compared to its usually over-inflated prices) – unfortunately, you have to have a degree in sushi-ology to know how to order it and even then it’s tricky but the edamame and yakitori are good to go and the spring rolls are divine. And the patio definitely makes up for the absentee servers – just make sure to order two at a time unless, like me, you already do that.

I’ve never actually seen this hostess (?) (below) at Kinki’s, but hopefully you do if you get there!

2. Chez Lucien: No qualifiers, no reluctancies. Good food, good prices, cutest little pub/bistro I may have ever seen in the Byward Market. Plus, I actually felt like I was in Europe when I walked in. Strange, but true. I tried the burger with brie and pears which was mighty nummers – comes with fries and salad for about $8. Pretty hard to go wrong at that price!

Now that the recommendations section of my post is complete, I thought I’d reflect a bit on birthdays. Specifically, mine. Do you think it’s a bad sign that on my 28th birthday, I walked to work wearing shoes with holes in them, only to get into the office and colour in the front part of the shoes with a black sharpie to minimize the appearance of the holes (you know, “Pretty Woman” style, without the Julia Roberts looks)? 28, baby. I’ve come such a long way…

As per my annual tradition, I am making a (public) birthday resolution. This is a resolution unlike new years where we give up things that are bad for us and instead commit to doing something wonderful and memorable, such as sky diving, getting a tattoo and so on. The other tradition tied to this is that I can’t remember them from one year to the next, except the one where I swam across Elissa’s lake and the other one when I resolved to get a new job (both successful, may I add). This year, I’ve got a good one: This year, I am going to drive a sweet sweet Volvo – something I’ve wanted to do since I was 15 but haven’t yet had the chance. I don’t know how I’m going to get access to one, but if I haven’t figured out a way by next July I’ll be doing some test drives for sure. Me and a sweet Volvo. We shall be together at last.  

Well cats, on that note, I’m going to have to sign off. Me gots meeself a birthday to celebrate… all day long!

Have a great weekend!!!


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