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July 18, 2006, 1:40 pm
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I’m randomly back! Sorry for my neglectful ways of late, but as many of you know, my life is a bit hectic right now between showers, trips to other cities, visitors from out of town and of course, work and the other normal requirements of daily life.

I have also been recovering for about four days from something that has never ever happened to me before. As many of you know, I’m a sucker for surprises. I love them. I crave them and I arrange them, even for seemingly minute things just to add a little excitement into an otherwise normal situation.

Being such a lover of surprises, wonderful people in my life have attempted to satisfy my cravings with small parties (I remember the 3 person birthday surprise in grade nine) and big ones (my 21st birthday was actually two separate surprise parties with over 40 people total). While I lied to all of the organizers for at least awhile after each of them, I knew about them all. I’m just too analytical, read into everything, search out alterior motives and then my grandmother ruins the surprises by confirming them. It’s a touchy subject.

Last Thursday, I was surprised. COMPLETELY SURPRISED. It was apparently a blessing in disguise that I was a complete zombie last week with my sisters-in-law-to-be visiting, concerts every night and so on that I just went along with all proposed plans, having no energy to question them or argue (I know, revolutionary pour moi). And so, into Carmello’s on Sparks I dragged myself, wondering why on earth Marco and friends had decided to go to a place we never go to and one right across from my work despite the fact that he was pushing me to leave early. I didn’t leave early (hero public servant) and finally sauntered over around 4:30 only to find about twenty co-workers yell out surprise. Un-frickin’-believable.

The sensation of being completely overwhelmed by surprise and love and support was all I’d ever hoped it would be. I wasn’t even sure what it was for – not my bridal shower (yes it was) because it was too early (no it wasn’t); not my birthday because this stuff doesn’t go on for birthdays; maybe Yvonne’s goodbye – but then why were they surprising me? Did they get bored while hanging out? But then why didn’t anyone tell me about her party? I was terribly confused but eventually figured it out and was extremely touched by all the work and effort that everyone put in to pull it off. I only wish it didn’t mean I had to be the subsequent centre of attention.

So thank you to the ring leaders – Barbara, Joanne, Karen and especially Marco, who has finally figured out how to keep a secret. What was his secret-keeping strategy, you ask? Be really exhausted and forget about the entire thing until the morning of and make sure to tell the suprisee when she’s really tired so that she doesn’t argue and she just writes the whole thing off as another half-assed last-minute poorly thought out plan that she should have been in charge of.

‘Cause don’t worry, that’s definitely what she’ll think… and that’s when you catch her off guard.


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