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July 13, 2006, 12:59 pm
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I don’t know if this is going to work or not, but I am desperate to find out whether I’m an anomalyor if others feel the same way about this particular issue.

Here’s my beef:

Having gone to the Bluesfest the past three nights, last night I was actually relievedat Live’s performance when I thought I would have been unimpressed the entire time. Why? Well cats, partly because they played their songs early, not witholding of any satisfaction the audience wanted. The best part for me though, was the complete and utter lack of solo musical interludes in the middle of songs (well, in the first half of the show that we saw anyway…). This was in considerable contrast to Blue Rodeo the night before that withheld the sing-a-long songs AND subjected the audience to incessant solos. I know I should appreciate the musical abilities and blah, blah, blah, but come on. Maybe one good one per show instead of one every flipping song?

So my question is this – does anyone enjoy the guitar, synthesizer, musical instrument x, y, or z solos in the middle of songs at a live show? Am I alone in being irritated and bored by it?

If the masses are loving it, then I promise to cease all protests and try to learn to love them. But if the masses are as frustrated as I am, I’m writing a letter… to someone…

Please send me your thoughts by leaving a comment or emailing me directly. I’ll let you know what the consensus is!!


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I think I just liked Live because it was like being 14 again except without the teenage angst. And Nelly Furtado was sing-along friendly, but unfortunately also dance-along friendly to the Promiscuous song (remember your entry early in the spring about warm weather being an excuse for teeny clothes? Well that problem gets even uglier when compounded by dirty dancing in the daylight). So my point is I am also sometimes bored by the solos of apparent musical genius, but I appreciate that the alternative can be worse. Or something like that.

Comment by Melanie

I agree entirely that the solos feel like the meal stretcher — trying to feed four people with one hamburger. Groups that can’t entertain for an entire session rely on solos to fill the bill, and it’s generally boring rather than impressive.
Would you ever buy a ticket to see _one_ of them perform? Unlikely.

Comment by jaquette

As an occasional jam-band lover, I have to disagree on this one. While listening to sub-standard musicians drag out their music is 4 sure frustrating, listening to a tight band play off one-another as well as the audience is at worst interactive and at best sublimely creative.

On a more specific note, I could listen to Slash soloing all frickin day and never grow tired, but for every slash there are 1000 players for whom a dentist appointment would bring more pleasure than sitting thru a 10 minute solo…


Comment by Ryan

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