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Too old. Need car.
July 4, 2006, 12:10 am
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So here’s the thing about not having a car but being a fairly active person: When you have a car, you can drive to beautiful, desirable pathways and designated areas to go for a run or a rollerblade or whatever your little healthy heart desires. When you don’t have a car, however, your activity starts at home and ends at home. No short cuts.

Case in point: The beautiful evening that Sunday was. To overcome the guilt of having a bag of sea salt & vinegar Miss Vickies and gelato for lunch, we decided to go for a nice ‘blade to Dow’s Lake, just like we’d done so many times before in summers passed, when we lived much, much closer to the canal. Now we live much further, which for Marco presents no problem. All those early years focussed on hockey pays off for a lad who wants to book it around city streets dodging cars and pedestrians. Problems arise for me unfortunately when I can’t stop at a busy intersection and need to call out to Marco to stop me from flying into an intersection on Elgin. Luckily, he’s also adept at this trick so I survived… that part.

By the time we got to the canal, I’ve had three minor heart attacks and I was in the worst mood imaginable, cussin’ up a storm (as most of you can imagine). Luckily, there’s nothing like an hour of smooth rollerblading on nice paths to get me back to chipper form, which lead me to propose that we go FURTHER! Down around the NAC, along the river behind Parliament and up by the National Archives (I’m secretly just terrified of going through the busy part of downtown again but I feign “blading enthusiasm” to make my case). Feeling like the you-know-what as we’re cruising along past the NAC, I missed a quick turn onto smooth pavement, and was forced to take the next option – the stairs. Only three of them, so I naturally assume that my newly rediscovered athletic prowess would enable me to gracefully ascend the obstacle.

I think I even yelled something about how I was the you-know-what as I encountered the stairs – big, cocky smile on my face and all.

The next thing I know I’m down. I instantly recalled the year-long sensation of the bruised tailbone I got doing cool swing-set tricks at 12 years of age. Scrapes on my body, tears in my eyes and I was a giant blubbering kid all over again. Got my adult “words” back pretty quickly though when I heard Marco yell out some famous line from a Muhammed Ali fight when he knocked someone out. Almost knocked Marco out and chanted it right back at him. He, quickly realizing that this situation was not a “teasing appropriate” one, got his you-know-what together.

Here’s the kicker. If we had a car, we could have simply ‘bladed back on safe pathways to the car. Instead, after the fall that robbed all false confidence I had, it was out to dodge traffic again. Needless to say, the fun level went from about 85% to about 0% instantly and remained at that level for quite some time.

Anyway, I guess the point of this rather pointless story is this: Anyone in the market for a pair of used rollerblades?


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Oh Lori, Your stories always make me laugh! I miss you!!!! LOL…. Once you’ve mastered blading in Ottawa, come here to chicago and go biking with my friend Daniel…. Running red lights, dodging traffic, weaving in and out of cars on busy downtown streets… I feel your pain my friend!

Comment by Sarah

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