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Vendredation Day
June 23, 2006, 12:55 pm
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I hope you all took advantage of the rib fest yesterday, or plan on doing it either today or this weekend. Once a year people, once a year!

Otherwise, I have two semi-recommendations and one shout out on order, so here we go…

Semi-recommendation 1: Stoneface Dolly's. Not to impede on the wonderful work that's done for my favourite blog – Breakfast Blogger (link to the left) – but I have to pipe in on this one. I know this place has a gargantuan cult following of breakfast lovers who swear that it's beautiful and wonderful and different and cool and so on and so forth. Despite having been there twice (Bronson location only) and disappointed both times, I am still partially convinced by these possible lunatics. So my recommendation is this: Go to Stoneface Dolly's and don't let me order for you and in the insulting event that I wasn't invited out to breaky with you, order an omelette. This has been my plan both times, only to be distracted by something else on the menu and subsequently disappointed while I gazed longingly at my co-eaters plates. Third time's a charm?

Semi-recommendation 2: Café Paradiso on Bank Street. Needless to say, part of the ongoing "community development" project we're participating in our sketch-O 'hood. Pretty good food, great ambience, good service, nice presque-patio for people watching – my only reluctance is the price. Unlike Par-fyum, I'm not convinced that the prices are justified, but then again, my favourite meals are kraft dinner, shawarmas and any kind of sandwich. Maybe I'm not the best person to judge. Anyway, if you're looking for a nice spot that you haven't tried before, I wouldn't count this place out. Plus, it's in the coupon book for those of you who have it – obviously the only way I was talking Marco into trying it instead of a romantic shawarma dinner.

Shout Out: Right to Play. As all of you who watched the Anderson Cooper (whom I heart dearly) interview with Angelina Jolie – that's so many of you, right? – there was a report from Northern Uganda which referenced the "Candian NGO, Right to Play" and their activities. This particular NGO isn't news to me, thanks to my gymnasty friend Amy who dreams of one day working for them, but I hadn't realized they were Canadian!! Basically, they work with children through "the power of sport and play" – not food or medicine, bien sur, but who can discount the right that all children should have to be a kid, at least once in awhile. We definitely think our children have that right… do we mean it for all kids?

For those of you participating in the Dragon Boat Festival this weekend, I wish you good luck! Everyone else … have a great weekend!


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I love recommendations that I agree with! You have to give Stoneface another chance, Lori. It is breakfast nirvana now that the odd owner who comments on patrons’ personal lives is gone. Try the scrambled feta, the eggs florentine or, as you suggest, one of the omelettes with a cup of piping hot Morala (local!) coffee. Man, I wish it was Saturday morning right now…

Oh and the CBC did some interviews with Canada’s super-amazing female winter Olympians who were working with Right to Play this spring–got me all choked up with emotion.

One more Stoneface comment–search the tables for the raspberry jam for your toast. They make it with amaretto and it is highly delicious.

Comment by Melanie

Unfortunately, Rodney’s Oyster House isn’t open for breakfast, in case you were wondering about the wet coast!

Comment by Dad

While never patronizing Stoneface for b-fast, I can personally attest to their stellar dinner fare. Best dish ever (and only served as a special) is Bobotie (pronounced bo-booty) with a side of coconut rice. Mmmmmmm.

Plus they share their recipes, which makes them A1 in my books!

Happy eating!

Comment by Yvonne

Lor, You should also (in the vein of getting Marco to buy you an ipod!) check out last Sunday’s edition of the inside track, heard every Sunday at 1:30pm on CBC Radio One with host Robin Brown. Clara Hughes did a trip to Africa as an athlete ambassador and did an audio blog about it. It was very good, worth listening to.

Over and out,

Comment by Kaili

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