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June 15, 2006, 5:06 am
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As some of you know, this blog can be found by googling "fresh fish daily". What you may not have been aware of, however, is that I can see what search terms bring people to el blogo.

Some of the more popular ones, aside from the aformentioned, have been the Scone Witch and Three Tarts Bakery and my favourite, variations of "fresh fish oil". Turns out I'm not the only crazy one lookin' for some pep by way of cod.

One actual person who is referred to on this blog in the photo section was searched, but in the event that it was an ego-search, I'll refrain from mentioning whom. Obviously, the person being searched for was not "lori brooks".

There has been a change in the basically non-offensive search terms recently and it all started with my entry on people's public peeing behaviour when running long distance races. I feel like I have now become part of a bizarre internet sub-culture obsessed with all things peeing.

Here are a few examples of search terms in this theme that have led people to this blog:

"public pee photo blog"

"photo of horses going to relieving"

"peeing fish" (that one's my favourite, obviously)


"peeing in public"

Who are these people?!?!

p.s. Thanks to Magda & Kevin for a fabulous dinner in their lovely new backyard!! Congrats on the awesome new abode and thanks again for your hospitality!!


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