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Crazy Cats
June 14, 2006, 1:21 pm
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I would like to introduce you to some very unique animals, who in former lifetimes were likely ideas thought up for SNL skits.

Meet Bumpy. Bumpy is a kind and gentle feline, without eyes and with a tendency of bumping into things (go figure) – hence the name. While I thought I'd be freaked out to look at the photo, Bumpy is surprisingly adorable for a cat sans eyes.


ORCA (short for ORange CAt) is the second cat to be presented to you today. Orca recently went through the kind of identity crisis for which books are written and movies are made. Orca was a female, or so everyone thought (including the vet), until it came time for “THE OPERATION”.  So there “she” is, getting her little belly shaved – all exposed – on the table when the vet realizes that something is amiss; Orca doesn’t have all the right “bits” to be a girl!  She is, in fact, a He whose testicles (more accurately – testicle) is hidden up inside his body.  So poor little Orca had to go through the Girl procedure in order to take his little guy part out.  Orca was then confined to the cone for several weeks and is now heroically getting used to life as a He instead of a She.

If we could trace the Greek heritage of that cat, it would officially be the feline version of Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides (a great book, by the way).


She looks pretty irritated, if you ask me.

Thanks Amy for sharing your co-worker's wonderful tails (mis-spelling totally intended) of courage and diversity.


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You have totally made my (and the pet owners) day!!! You rock:)

Comment by Amy

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