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Vendredation Day
June 9, 2006, 1:33 pm
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I'm about to commit a scone betrayal, but I just can't resist because I'm so happy about this discovery – Second Cup carries, a couple of days a week, a raspberry & white chocolate scone! So good! Usually one can only find a raspberry scone but the addition of the white chocolate is fabulous.

Next on the agenda: Rooting for the Oilers. I don't even like hockey, but my patriotic juices can't help but start boiling when there's such a clear US/Canada battle going on right under our noses.

Plus, when Alberta finally takes over this country, bribing us with cheap oil and cowboy hats, I'll be in their good books because I've got this photo to prove my historical allegiance (and kiss-ass-readiness) to Canada's wealthiest family member… crazy Uncle Alberta – politically incorrect, insults your mother and drives you nuts, but may just be able to pay for your degree or a down payment one day, so worth sucking up too.

Oilers Fans


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the oliers suck

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