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Half Marathons – and the joys of being a masochist
May 30, 2006, 2:51 am
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Top ten benefits to being a masochist and running a half marathon in 20-some degree heat after having only trained at a 10 degree temperature (otherwise known as "Tales from the National Capital Marathon Weekend Half-Marathon, Ottawa, May 2006", starring this writer, Kelly, Amy, Kaili, Liam and so many more coolio cats…)

10. You get a shiny medal at the end and who in their right mind does not love a little bling?

9. You get to violently battle other people (that under other circumstances you would probably really like) for the last measly cup of luke-warm water that instead of refreshing you, actually makes you want to vomit.

8. Ah, the salt stains from the sweat on your clothes at the end of the race – so appreciated by the other (clean) patrons trying to eat their breakfast without being revolted by sight or smell.

7. The power one derives from feeling the blisters start to form at about 5K and just get bigger and bigger – I'm fairly certain they're filled with power juice (dégolase, I know) and I'm thrilled to report that another has appeared 24 hours later on my pinky toe! It's like they're spreading… ok, now I'm even grossing myself out, which brings me to…

6. Under what other occasion would you enviously gaze upon someone else vomitting because at least they're getting the relief from the nauseau?

5. Sweet tan on arms, good prep for the wedding dress.

4. Wicked burn on chest (note to self: sunblock is best applied on all exposed skin, not just the parts that won't stain your sweet new running top), bad news for the wedding dress.

3. Going back and forth between hating your friends who are pushing you so hard (why don't they need to walk as much as I do??!), to wondering if it's appropriate to tell them that you love them when you get overwhelmed with emotion (perhaps due to a mild sun stroke), to wondering which one is best equipped to actually carry you over the finish line (start checkin' out their 'traps).

2. The sense of community that you get when, faced with an absence of clean sponges, you pick up a fellow anonymous runner's used sponge, put it under the hose and feel the joy and refreshment as you squeeze and rub it all over you.

1. I now have a pretty good idea of what hell will be like… hot, exposed, endless, void of water, not enough shade, and filled with some cool people who, like me, just love being a masochist.

…See you in Niagara ladies (aka Sweat Hogs)!

Good Luck Charm

My good luck charm(s)… and don't judge, you would too!  


On our way to the run… Liam, the shabbiest dressed of us, obviously kicked all of our bums.


Post-run… Liam has consented to his nakedness and Kaili is looking dashing after elegantly recovering from heat stroke for which the paramedics came in very handy!!


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