ms. fresh fish

May 23, 2006, 2:51 am
Filed under: general

Hours spent driving: 4

Money spent on a car rental and gas for the last car available on the Monday long weekend, which happened to be a gas guzzling pimp car (Chysler 300): $70

Taste of two steamie hotdogs with Lafleurs special coleslaw and the greatest fries in the world smothered in salt and vinegar: Priceless

What better way to spend Victoria Day than a mission to Montreal for Lafleurs? Seriously… is there a better way? I don't think so.


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omg, which lafleurs did you go to? i’m an ex-montrealer.. those fries are something else, no one does them quite like that..


Comment by Peabody

The Lafleurs on Sources by the 40 is filled not only with scrumptious foods but also beautiful memories all the way back to childhood and beyond to desperate drunken appetite-filling 3 a.m. missions of my late teens… ahh, the memories.

Comment by freshfish

Ah yes, I know that one well.. I used to work nearby and go for lunch there. I also grew up in the west island so I found myself in and out of there at various points in my youth 😉

mmmm, i’ve got an urge for some poutine now.

Comment by Peabody

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