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Fricommendation Day
May 19, 2006, 3:02 am
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So far, this title has garnered the most votes after all my attempts. Number of votes received: 1.

Besides hanging out with Newfoundlanders whenever possible, my recommendations are fairly limited this week and revolve completely around food (what good things don't though?):

Memories Café on Clarence in the Market – We went there for Mama's day with my second mom/big sister, nephew and Marco. While the dessert there is well known to be deee-vine, it turns out the breakfast there is also spectacular. I swear to goddess, the best eggs benedict I have ever had. And that says a lot. I've had a lot of eggs benny in my day. For instance, once my Mom (real one, not sister-mom) and I went to a posh hotel in Toronto (we must have been lost) and for some reason weren't given access to the menu. We ordered the eggs benny and they were very good… until we got the bill. We still joke about the $50 eggs benny and use it as our standard of excellence for everything. Sadly, this particular dish has been overtaken in both flavour and price. Fabulous. Not to worry, the experience is still firmly in my mind as one of the most awkward bill realizations ever.

Carmello's salad/ensalate Carmello's, with chicken – Those of us with offices near Sparks and Kent know Carmello's well. It's one of those go-to spots for group gatherings. While they're well-known for their mediocre thincrust pizzas, this week our entire table took one person up on their suggestion to try the Carmello's salad and we were not disappointed. So filled with all sorts of goodness, not the least of which is a killer double chunkage of feta. Sweet home alabama.

Alright cats, have a fabulous long weekend and get into all sorts of scandalous trouble, and as always, don't forget to report back with all the gorry details.


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