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Ban Pomeranians!
May 16, 2006, 12:50 am
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The day that I announce that no one checks my blog on Mondays is the Monday that a ton of people check it. Why are you all so unpredictable? Anyway, thanks for checking yesterday and sorry to have not been able to entertain.

The ban on pitbulls is really heating up now that someone is contesting it because apparently being unable to go to the dog park infringes on her quality of life and is a Charter issue. I'm a former, and still occasional, dog park regular, so I know what a huge role the dog park can play in a person's social and emotional life. Since I moved so very far away from the dog park, I'm a different person. No longer exposed to people from different backgrounds and careers, no longer taking that long walk to the park, no longer having the exciting random – and sometimes scandalous – conversations. I miss it for sure, but I don't think the dog really misses it. He's more of a people's dog than a dog's dog and can never quite understand why the other dogs chase eachother/balls/sticks around leaving the humans standing there with treats in their pockets, looking for something cute to pet. My dog is right in there, happy to be pet and fed, especially if it's an attractive blond woman (don't ask me why, but it's true).

Willy is, however, known for other characteristics besides lingering around and mooching cheap rubs and stale treats. The real 'men' in the park always got a kick out of playing a particular game with him. It's really fun and if any of you took me up on my suggestion to read Yvonne's comment last week, you'll already have an idea of how it goes. There are two variations to its beginning – either Man X kind of bats Willy around in that aggressive but playful kind of way or he tries to sneak up on him. The second phase of the 'game' entails picking up the little blonde pomeranian. Sometimes Willy humours them for fifteen seconds or so, but usually he reacts right away. Specifically, he reacts by going for the jugular. I'm fairly certain if he intended to actually get the jugular, he would, but he gives them a good scare and they feel like they've had their thrill for the day. The problem is when park newbies, or apartment visitors or just random people on the street go to pick up the cute little guy (he is frickin' adorable). It's not fun for them. Instead it's more akin to one of those "I thought I was about to die by the toxic bite of a vicious blond pomeranian" episodes we've all had once or twice.

My point is, anyone who has been around a lot of dogs knows that it's often the owners (and for the record, we only got Willy when he was seven and already clearly damaged) and it ranges across dogs. At my old dog park, Willy was the most dangerous for humans (that didn't understand his complexities) and everyone knew it. When the by-law officers came to the park looking for pitbulls, there would always be a gentle nudging of their attention to Willy or the schnauzers who were brutal with the other dogs. And what were the pitbulls doing? Running away from Willy, generally.

Check this out:

And don't even get me started about Yvonne's cat Gertie…


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Don’t you pitty all the people sans animals with “personality”? Too bad we can’t breed Willy with Gerty to create the ultimate super-cute fighting machine!

Comment by Yvonne

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