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Fridation Day
May 12, 2006, 1:44 am
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Before I say anything, Ray Emery is officially exempt from the new NHL rule proposed in yesterday's entry. In fact, he should have to play without a helmet.

But I digress… 

While "Fridation" has the best/easiest ring of all my suggestions, I still don't think it captures the essence of my attempt to combine the words "Friday" and "recommendation". I just can't believe that I've not received a single suggestion from any of you readers. Are you all as creatively inept as I am, or just creativity hoarders?

Today is an easy one because I've had so many nice newbie experiences this week to share with you all…

For any runners out there, if you haven't tried the Ottawa River pathway (below Parliament Hill, Supreme Court, Archives) down to Parkdale, you really must change up your routine. This is probably not really a recommendation for most of you as it would seem that I am actually, literally, the last runner in the city of Ottawa to find out about it, but just in case there were others trapped under the canal's spell for the last forever, it's worth the outing.

After the painful Sunday run, we finally hit Bramasole Diner on Bank, near Gladstone, in our neverending attempt to find a Dunn's substitute in our new 'hood. Goodness knows, if Elgin's got anything, it's a plethora of wonderful breaky spots… and as breaky is my absolute favourite meal of the day, I miss them all terribly (man, we're sooooo lazy). We've tried the Oak and Eggspectations but they just didn't cut it, usually due to overcharging and under-fulfilling (seriously, how hard is it to get the friggin' homefries right?!?! Burnt… undercooked… ruins the day everytime). Bramasole is now, I'm pleased to say, our new go-to breaky destination. An innocent 1950s theme, good servers (they remind me of my mama), reasonable prices and a solid breakfast that I'm betting you can count on every time. Feeling more at home here all the time…

BUT OH MY GOD! While searching for an image of Bramasole, I think I've found my soul mate; my exact replica!!! C'est possible?!?!? Too bad there's three bloggers to this site. Maybe I'll just have to find them and force them to be friends with me… and eat with me…

Finally, for what may be the best quantity/cost ratio (was that the calculation Marco?) sushi in town, Sushi 88 on Somerset, just west of Bronson, is an excellent choice. While they're not likely to blow you out of the water in terms of freshness or ordering convenience (a big factor for me in sushi restaurants), it also won't blow your wallet with a $15 for 15 pieces cost. Plus, it's a nice fresh, clean ambience and bumpin' with some cool-lookin' young'uns (yes, makes us feel like young, cool cats).

One more thing … All you half-marathon trainees out there – don't forget this weekend is the last of the long training ones!! One more 20K run and then we actually get to do the real thing!!! We're so close now…

And so campers, on that note, have a great weekend!!


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Hiya! Thanks for plugging my blog! Yep, there are two other authors on my blog, but I’m the one responsible for the Ottawa area.. the other two being responsible for Montreal and Kelowna.

I’m a bit embarassed by my Bramasole entry since my camera died before I could take a pic of my breakfast, but things like that will happen when you’re on a mission to capture every breakfast in town!

Cheers! And thanks for the sushi tip! And if you have any breakfast suggestions, let me know! I’ve covered almost all of Elgin, but I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed..

Oh, and props to you for using WordPress!

Thanks for the sushi tip! I’ll have to check that place out for sure!

Comment by Peabody

oops, disregard the last line of my comment.. I forgot to take it out 😛

P.S., you are on my list of BB friends 😉

Comment by Peabody

Lori, I just can’t place that new breakfast restaurant… Have I been out of touch for that long? I swear I have been up and down that stretch of Bank litterally a million times (well with my running and walking to school)… Hmmm feeling a tad homesick for Ottawa now.
BTW- Sushi 88 was my fav sushi joint too…I wish they had one here…. We used to hit Sushi 88 then head down the street to Bubblicity for a yummy bubble tea for dessert:)

Comment by Sarah

Fridation Day has to be the “Funist”

Comment by Dad

As Prefect Pro Tem of the Western Canada language police (WCLP for short), I have to object to a blogger using the term funist. The word fun is extremely over used in our lexicon and it surely does not have a superlative form. I suggest using that your blog employ the services of a blog filter to sort out this nonsense.
I employ a product called Delete All Dissipation or Dad for short. It filters all this stuff out!

Comment by Howzat

I love breakfast! And I am commenting days late. A couple of blocks south of Bramasole is Ida’s, which is an unpretentious lots of food kind of place with fantastic plastic tablecloths. A couple blocks north of Bramasole is the Buzz, which has a great weekend brunch that you will enjoy in complete privacy if you arrive anytime before noon. They also have a bring your own wine night on Mondays, which is pretty hip for Ottawa, as a side note.

Comment by Melanie

Don’t remind me about the LOOONG runs. I’m fading man – I’m fading fast!!!

Comment by Amy

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