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We’re all billboards… advertise responsibly
May 4, 2006, 2:08 am
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I just can't deal with the tank-top Barbie was wearing on the Amazing Race. 'I Heart Spinning'. Is she kidding? No, she's not kidding at all. I heart spinning… on a t-shirt. What's wrong with her? Plus, she's a bit of a wench, so that doesn't help her case very much. The tank distracted me from the rest of the show as I was in shock that such a tank would ever even be made. Where is something like that even sold? Florida, I bet.

I've been "guided", shall we say, a few times by one of my fashionista friends, Maria, who very politely mentioned that perhaps, perhaps, it may be time to put away the t-shirts with words on them and refrain from purchasing any further.  She means very well, don't get me wrong, and I know that part of her gets a little kick out of my 'this is what a feminist looks like'-type tees (maybe not as much from the downright silly ones, or anything that resembles my initials, but you get the point). But she also wants more for me; for me to grow beyond those 'look at me make a statement' years and become classy cool. Everyone will just know that I'm a bookwormy feminist and I won't have to announce it.

My point is, I'm not averse to being a human billboard. I just think that if we've got someone staring at our chest, why not send them a message they're not expecting to get. And you know what else? Dressing with a good message doesn't necessarily preclude humour. Just look at my 'reading is sexy' tee!

 *** Obviously NOT my chest ***


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I’m sorry….what does the shirt say?!? 😉

Comment by Shane

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