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A compilation of random facts
May 3, 2006, 1:24 am
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Sometimes stupid, random facts are enough to make my day. I should note that I've only checked the "truth" on one of these, but the 'truthiness' is all there… Regardless, as my wise father always says, never ruin a good story with the facts.

Hope these inform, misinform and entertain you all!

  • – 92% of Iowa is covered in farmed land
  • – A random guy in the Ottawa airport said that San Antonio's airport is the geographical equivalent size of the island of Manhattan. I don't know about that one, but Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) airport is 81 square miles
  • – Hamilton's "Around the Bay" race is the oldest road race in North America (actually checked this one)
  • – Enbridge Gas is the largest gas and pipeline company in the world
  • – The first "white person" that Native Americans from what's now known as Chicago met, was actually a black French Canadian man
  • – Chicago's nickname of the "Windy City" has nothing to do with its ridiculous wind gusts off Lake Michigan, but instead refers to long-winded debates by city councillors for the World's Fair in 1893
  • – Every eight blocks in chicago is equal to one mile
  • – The most common name in the world is Mohammed
  • – Canada has one of the highest (I'm adding in "reported" or "diagnosed") rates of MS in the world
  • – 89% of stats are made up on the spot
  • – This blog has had over 1,000 hits (check out the bottom left corner of the page… told ya so)
  • – Marshall Field's chocolates rule
  • – Covering oneself in fresh, clean, warm laundry is highly therapeutic
  • – OK, now I've become distracted, so I'm loggin' out…

But just before I do that, on an interesting note, turns out a big wig in the US agrees with me. Must have been that long lunch we had with the special brownies (I'M KIDDDDDDING, however, as some will remember, we did make baked goods for a Policy and Decision Making presentation that we did regarding the legalization of marijuana… grad school was so fun). The point is, he's right, and we need to take notice:

By the way, the quote of the day may be one of my favourites to date.


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