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Day tree (3) in Chicago…
April 26, 2006, 3:45 am
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The most interesting thing that happened during the course today was, what I'm pretty sure was, the teacher's slip-up in referring to Canada as "overseas". Wowzas.

My lovely, L.A. cool, former Ottawa dog park friend, Sarah (mama of Pugsley) who is doing her BFA in Chicago came to meet me after class today. So nice to reconnect with warm, good people in strange, cold, windy cities. That is, until they make you go running. I, thinking that it would be as warm as Ottawa here (Ottawa is warm, isn't it?), packed only my shorts and running t-shirt and therefore, for the next hour froze myself silly running along the lakeshore. I seriously felt like everything under my skin was a frozen block and was moving around in such a form. So scary. People sitting along the lake by the aquarium and planetarium in full winter parkas, hats and gloves looking at us like we're nuts. It was even too cold to make a cute little "we're Canadian" joke.

What an amazing array of sites that we saw though… these huge edifices along the water look so established and grand – like a museum in the parliament buildings almost. We also happened upon Buckingham fountain which is gar-frickin'-gantuan and absolutely gorgeous. Too bad the water was spraying onto us (thanks to the infamous wind) and threatening our ability to remain mobile so we couldn't stay long. I'll definitely go back for pics tomorrow on my way to SOLDIER FIELD!!!! So excited.

After the run, we went out for some sushi at a very cool restaurant. Sarah, in her gentle, unassuming way, convinced me to "just try" the eel, and I did. Ever notice how the word "eel" looks so much like "eew"? I'm just saying… Mel knows what I mean.

By the way, there are so many appreciated donations now coming in for my MS Walk that I'm going to have to make a special entry thanking everyone – but quick shout outs to Maria, Yvonne, Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 (I know who you are, and love you dearly), and my old boss Barbara… I love you all and find your support truly overwhelming! If anyone wants to contribute the $19 to get me to the $450 mark, you know where to go (it's to the left, in case you don't actually know where to go)…

Hot tub time kiddies… have a good day y'all!


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